Reuse. Re-purpose. Recycle.

Everyone’s talking about ways to save the planet these days. A Google search turns up hundreds of creative ways to get with the “green” trend. This even includes an Australian business that makes asphalt from old toner!

E-Waste Not, E-Want Not

Our society creates a huge amount of e-waste. We toss out tons of old electronics every day, from cell phones to printers.

However, recycling is the best answer to our growing e-waste problem. Many old electronic parts can be recovered. Also, air and water pollution is greatly reduced by recycling. Yet, despite these big numbers, less than 13% of e-waste is recycled. 

Living In 3D

Also, the rise of 3D printers adds to the glut of e-waste. To fight this, some printer makers design machines that produce easily recycled waste. As a result, leftover plastic from these printers can be used again.

Ultimately, zero waste is the goal, with no trash ending up in landfills. Selling excess, surplus toner to a toner buyback company is a good way to clear out your office and help the environment.

Target: Zero Waste

Big brands such as Toshiba, Lexmark, Kyocera, and HP are paving the way to zero waste. Working with resource recovery company Close the Loop, Australian-based Downer introduced TonerPave. This MTP (Modified Toner Polymer), is made from recycled toner powder. The new asphalt mixture shows great performance due to the inclusion of recycled polymers and other additives. Polymers are sourced from recycled toner cartridges, waste acrylic paint, and/or rubber crumb from recycled tires.

From Powder To Pavement

The toner powder used to make MTP is sourced from cartridges collected and recycled by Close the Loop. Since its start 17 years ago, Close the Loop has collected and recycled over 22,000 tons of toner and ink jet cartridges. According to Close the Loop, TonerPave reduces emissions by 40 percent compared to conventional asphalt!