Office supply clutter – it’s definitely an issue in many a workplace. Many employees start to hide behind their monitor when the boss mentions that daunting job of cleaning out the supply closet.

So, what should you do when you update or replace your printers, copiers, or all-in-one business machines, and there’s still a supply of now outdated, unused toner cartridges in that supply closet? There are lots of options, including just tossing them into the office dumpster and pray no one was watching, but considering how hazardous it is to the environment to simply discard these items improperly, here are 3 simple reasons why selling your unused toners makes sense.

#1 – Paying it Forward

When you sell your unused, un-opened toner supplies to a reputable buyer, you are creating a real ‘pay it forward’ opportunity, since unused toners in original packaging can be sold to others customers, and generally are offered at significant savings to the next buyer.

#2 – Recycling isn’t always so ‘green’

Let’s face it, recycling makes us all feel good. It’s the politically correct thing to do, and saving the earth is certainly a great reason to recycle. However, in the case of plastic toner supplies, there are some serious downsides to be considered.

The classic recycling route for empty plastic toner cartridges may make sense and be wise for the environment, but there are risk factors when any ink remains inside the cartridges, which then can leak and pollute the environment.

Unlike glass, aluminum or steel that can be endlessly recycled, there is a finite number of times (typically less than 10) that most plastics can be recycled before they are deemed unusable – and have to go to landfill.

#3 – Cash is King

Although several office and electronics retailers do offer buy back/recycle programs, there are many restrictions and caveats to their programs, including how many items you can return in a given calendar period. They also typically do not offer actual cash back, only coupons issued towards future toner cartridge purchases or store reward credits issued.

While you may not make enough for an early retirement, the simplicity of selling unused toners via a reputable on-line company makes it a ‘no-brainer’ . All it takes is a few minutes to fill out a form, pack them up, and ship them back for some instant cash right back into your pockets.

Reselling your laser toners to Cash4Toners can in fact help you recover a LOT of cash – selling some HP laser toner supplies can get you on average $200 per cartridge. It’s like ‘found money’ stashed away in a pocket of an old jacket that you just rediscovered.

Not to mention the time saving factor of “click it and ship it” with a FREE prepaid shipping label provided. No reason then to haul those boxes of toners to your car, drive to find the nearest retailer and stand in line to trade them in.