The Xerox Phaser 8500 was a fixture around our frat house throughout college.

the meek shall inherit the xerox

Our beloved Xerox took a lot of hits and pumped out a lot of term papers. The printer belonged to my roommate Mark’s Dad, a castoff from his insurance office. It was — and is — a fantastic printer. (Even though  those Xerox ColorCube solid inks are expensive! My frat brother, Wallace, had to sell his text books to buy a black color cube so he could print out his senior thesis. He got an A. Guess it was worth it!)

Set Phaser To Stun

The printer was new sometime in early 2006. We moved it into our frat house in mid-2008. I spent six years in that frat house. (A few dropped courses and a few post-graduate classes.) The Phaser 8500 performed in all sorts of outlandish conditions. The Beer Pong Championship. Toga Throwdown. The All-Nude Weekend. That printer has seen a lot!

Nobody wanted to take the Phaser when we moved out of the frat. So Mark bequeathed it to me. I was always the meek, quiet guy around the frat. Therefore, Mark figured I’d be the one to put the printer to good use. (Plus, I don’t think he wanted to help me move it.)

Still Kickin’

This twelve year-old printer is still cranking out quality pages! My wife and I have a home-based Etsy business now. We use our Xerox Phaser 8500 to print all our invoices. Sure the ColorCubes are expensive. But we’re able to sell the old ones back to Cash4Toners and save money that way. We wouldn’t give up our Phaser 8500 for the world!