printer health hazard Not so long ago, printers posed a real health risk. In the early days of desktop publishing, printers spewed a variety of hazardous chemicals. They were also big and noisy!

History Of Hazards

A decade ago, PC Magazine reported that laser printers emit the same harmful fumes as a burning cigarette. Additionally, other reports suggest certain printer ink can be toxic to your skin. As a result, HP, Brother, and other OEMs worked to make their products safer. 

Dangers In Your Home

The last thing you want is your laser printer leaking toner dust. This is a real possibility with non-OEM toner cartridges. Non-OEM cartridges are not held to the higher standard of brand name toners. The International Agency for Research on Cancer says breathing toner dust can cause cancer. Other studies show generic toner produces unsafe levels of ozone and carbon monoxide. Both gases are linked to a variety of health problems.

Health Matters In America

Big printer companies invest in developing toner cartridges that are safe(r) for both humans and the environment. This includes cartridge buyback and recycling programs. These “earth-friendly” programs are rare among non-OEM manufacturers.

Stay Safe With OEM Toner

Ultimately, saving a few bucks buying generic toner isn’t worth the potential health risk. First, genuine OEM toner cartridges are made from better materials. Second, they deliver better results on the printed page. Finally, brand name toners pose very little health risk.