Cash4Toners 2018 reviewsThis was a mad, crazy year at Cash4Toners! In 2018 Cash4Toners:

  • Bought back 79,567 toner and ink cartridges
  • Paid out $1,180,000 to customers
  • Received 1,700 five-star reviews

We’re averaging half-a-dozen five-star reviews each and every workday! Not too shabby! We’ve got the best customers in the world, and we love hearing from them. Here are a few of our favorite 2018 customer reviews.  

BEST PRICED PAY-OUT QUOTE I RECEIVED Cash4Toners gave me the highest quote and best payout for my toner cartridge out of 6 companies I tried!

  • They offer to send payment to you through PayPal!
  • They give the highest quote $ amount!
  • They do not deduct for old style or messed up boxes!
  • They only take new factory sealed items!
  • They will even add $2 for every 1 item that you upload a photo for!
  • They pay for the shipping! They will send you an email with the shipping label for Fed Ex.

If you don’t want/can’t print the label at home there is a barcode Fed Ex can scan at any of their locations and print the label for you! Cash 4 Toners even sent me my pay-out through PayPal when they sent me the email with the shipping label! CASH 4 TONERS IS TRULY THE BEST PLACE TO SELL YOUR TONER CARTRIDGES HANDS DOWN! Thank you Cash 4 Toners! – Jackie / Verified Reviewer / 06/19/18

Thank you, Jackie! Can you write up our new website for us? Wait, I think you already did!  

Top Dollar I always submit to multiple buyers and Cash4Toners offers top dollar every time, and they pay the shipping! Can’t beat it!! – Robbie / Verified Reviewer / 09/26/18

Smart man, Robbie. Glad to hear Cash4Toners not only measures up to the competition, but crushes it!  

Awesome company Excellent company to do business with! They do what they say. Quick pay better than anyone in their field. – Stephen / Verified Reviewer / 06/19/18

We do what we say, Stephen, and we do it right! Thanks!  

Fast Payment Fast Payment – Randy S. / Verified Buyer / 01/03/18

A quick thank you, Randy!  

Easy transaction, thanks! Easy transaction, thanks! – John D. / Verified Buyer / 01/30/18

We’re easy like Sunday morning, John!  

I’m Grateful to Transact with Im Grateful to Transact with you. Way Positive! – William B. / Verified Buyer / 02/21/18

Stay positive, William! It’s the only way to be! (Unless you’re toner dust. Then you’re naturally negative.)  

Great communication. A pleasure to Great communication. A pleasure to do business with. – Riverbend L. / Verified Buyer / 03/20/18

Thank you, Riverbend! Keep on rollin’!  


Our fingers are on the button, ready to send you PayPal love, Urbano!  

Quick response and fast payment. Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!! – Tvr S. / Verified Buyer / 05/23/18

We strive for perfection, Tvr S.! Thanks!  

Great Prices, Fast Payment, Free Shipping I could not have been happier with Cash4Toners transaction! Thay pay more, faster, and shipping is on them. I highly recommend them. – Dave / Verified Reviewer / 06/19/18

We could not have been happier doing business with you, Dave! You’re the man!  

Excellent buyer, received payment @ Excellent buyer, received payment @ lightning speed! Highly recommended A+THANQ – Cassandra S. / Verified Buyer / 05/23/18

No, THANQ, Cassandra. We’ve tried to harness the speed of lighting for a while now. Getting there!  

The Best Cash 4 Toner’s – Are the best in their field. The staff is SUPERBE! – Steve / Verified Reviewer / 06/22/18

Thank you, Steve! Our staff is SUPERBE! Superb too!  

Fast & Easy Submit toner form, Cash4Toners reply’s quickly thereafter with an offer , Accept offer & paid for toners. Fast. Shipping label(s) provided. Easy. – William / Verified Reviewer / 06/19/18

Easy peasy, William! That’s how we roll here at Cash4Toners!  

Great Communication with Clear Instructions Great Communication with Clear Instructions – Payment issued within 2 hours. – Bonnie S. / Verified Buyer / 05/22/18

Send us your toners by lunchtime, Bonnie, and we’ll get you paid before dinner!