Best Printer Assaults On The WebPrinter abuse. It’s happening, and we need to talk about it.

Breaking The Taboo

People like to break stuff. It’s human nature. We feel powerful attacking inanimate objects that can’t fight back. We especially like breaking electronics. These helpful little machines become our mortal enemies once they malfunction. No office machine takes more abuse than the beloved printer.

Save The Toner!

This wave of printer assaults leaves behind forgotten victims: ink and toner cartridges. Haven’t these printer-killing maniacs heard of toner buyback programs? Ink cartridge recycling? Toner cartridge recycling? Your mindless, destructive folly makes Mother Earth weep! You can sell your unused, unexpired ink and toner, use the cash to buy a new printer, and gently place your old printer on the curb. Nobody needs to get hurt…and you stuff your pockets with cash!

Killing A Printer? Let Us Know!

Do you have an old printer you’re planning to destroy? Shame on you! Before you post your printer destruction video to the web, send it to us at and we’ll send you a $25 Visa Gift Card!

Printer Lives Matter

The videos you are about to see may be upsetting to some viewers. They should be. There’s no good reason to hit or hurt a computer printer (unless you get a ‘Network Connectivity’ error…man, are those annoying!). But the ugly truth must be told. Innocent printers are being abused. Brace yourself for the most vicious printer assaults caught on camera.

Man Loses Temper with Printer

This one is a complete set up, but still amusing. Clearly, a victim of the dreaded “Network Connectivity Error,” this burly man eventually tries to make a copy of his computer monitor. (Sorry, bro, it doesn’t work that way.)

All In One Printer Destruction 2

YouTuber Shawn K and a faceless cameraman torture and mutilate a helpless HP All-in-One printer. This video is from 2016 but according to the description, he’s done this before in 2012. Stop Shawn K before he kills again!

Printer Destruction

MacGuyInNC states: “We hate this printer. Gives us nothing but problems: jams all the time, pages look like crap, and it makes this annoying whiny noise half the time it prints.” Okay, but do you have to go Office Space on it?

Destroy Your Printer Contest 4 (Part 2)

Destroy Your Printer Contest 4

Really? We’re going to make open sport out of hunting and killing printers now? Where will the savagery end? Nathan Dube takes great pleasure shooting printers, throwing them off buildings, and dropping logs on them. Nathan Dube is a sick man.

HP Printer vs. Anvil – WIRED’s Battle Damage

WIRED gets into the “sport” of printer destruction by tossing an anvil atop an HP Printer. Really, WIRED? Et tu? Do you have any extra toner to sell us?

Brother Printer Destruction

Oh, Brother! Say it isn’t so? Unfortunately, it’s true. This faithful Brother gets destroyed…and it’s oddly satisfying. They should sell us their surplus toner.

Chunk This- Printer Destroyed By Air Cannon

Way to go, Chunk This. You destroyed a printer with an air cannon. Hope you’re proud of yourselves. You could have at least taken out a Canon with the air cannon.

Canon Printer Destruction

A Canon MG5220 gets a severe beatdown. Scanner glass is shattered and electronic guts fly in this graphic printer death.

Printer destroyed by 4x4

Yeah, Four by Four drags a helpless printer out to the middle of a field and runs it over with a truck. Sick, sick, sick!

HP Printer Destroyed by Gunfire

Everybody loves shooting things with their big, bad guns, but does a loyal HP Printer need to die for our perverse pleasures? Yes. Yes, it does.

Printer Destroyed With An Axe

Lizzy Borden took and an axe…so did the creative minds behind the Destroyed With An Axe channel. Unfortunately this multifunction workhorse doesn’t fair any better than Lizzy’s parents. Hey, we buy unused, unexpired ink and toner!

Printer destroyed

Another scripted video, but it’s brief and the angry Englishman who stars gets bonus points for destroying the printer using only his bare hands and gravity.

Printer destroyed with Flashing Thunder (HD + HQ)

These guys toss a high-powered explosive inside the body of a laser printer and run away like cowards. Luckily they keep the camera rolling and the results are pretty impressive, especially in slo-mo.

PRINTER DESTRUCTION in Public legit goes very wrong

The industrious young man in this JKNation video finds an HP Envy 5320 lying on the sidewalk and wisely decides to put it through an endurance test. Best moment is when he straps it to his skateboard and rides it down the street. Hope those cartridges get recycled!

2015 HP Printer Destroyed After Paper Jam

This guy goes at his malfunctioning HP hard with a baseball bat, “Chill” by the Geto Boys providing the soundtrack. But that sun visor takes away much of his menace. It’s so adorbs!

How to destroy: A Printer

Michael Barrett says: “My HP printer decided to stop working….so i fixed it.” Dude, it’s never gonna work now! Short and savage, this is one of the most intense printer beatdowns we’ve ever witnessed.

Let’s Destroy a Printer!

According to Andrewmeda Galaxy: “Printers have one job: printing shit. This printer refused. In doing so it forfeited its right to live. A printer dies this day.” The Andrewmeda Galaxy is cruel!

My Epson Printer…Destroyed

Billy doesn’t like his Epson Printer since it stopped working (the printer, not Billy). So he tosses it on the bed and beats it with a hammer in this terribly uncomfortable-to-watch assault.

Axe vs HP DESKJET printer / Destroyed!

Another axe, another HP Deskjet, another sad death. But not untimely. This Deskjet outlived its usefulness. Now it tastes the blade!