So you want to print stickers! Good for you! 

What would you like to do? Hang custom photos in your school locker? Decorate an envelope? Make your fridge the coolest fridge in town?

We’ll show you how to make all kinds of stickers in a few simple steps. 

Not all stickers are fun. Some offer important health and safety information.

What Kind of Stickers Do You Need?

You’re going to need to take a trip to the office supply store or order online to get some printable sticker sheets. But before you do that, you need to decide how your stickers will be used — permanent placement or temporary.  

Permanent Stickers

If you want to print stickers for permanently placing somewhere then you want to go with sticker printer paper that has an adhesive backing.

These stickers are good for “forever” locations, like the front of a paper folder or decorating an envelope. Your printed stickers will be similar to stamps — the backs have glue and once you place them, they won’t come off. (Well, you can scrape off the stickers and clean the glue off the surface, but you won’t be able to re-use the stickers.) 

PRO TIP: in a pinch, you can use mail labels for your stickers!


Vinyl Stickers

Stickers made from printable vinyl sheets have the benefit of being reusable.

If you want to print out stickers that you can peel off and reuse without damaging the surface beneath, you may want to consider vinyl printer paper. 

Printable vinyl sheets come in two styles — white and clear.

Clear sticker sheets are great for window clings and other see-through applications. The white vinyl sheets are better for producing stickers with vibrate colors and bold black and whites.

Get creative with your stickering! These vinyl sheep stickers won’t damage the wall paint!

How To Print Your Own Stickers

We have to make a couple of assumptions here: 

  1. You have a computer
  2. You have some type of imaging software that will allow you to design and print your stickers
  3. You have a printer
  4. You own and can operate a pair of scissors

Most home printers can handle the thickness of sticker paper, so you don’t need to buy a specialized printer for stickers.

Some sticker paper is specifically designed for laser printers, others for inkjet printers. Better yet, order sticker paper sheets that are designed to work in both types of printers.

Personally, we’ve found that printing stickers on inkjet printers produce more vibrant colors compared to printing stickers on laser printers.

The Final Cut

Toss a couple of sheets of sticker paper in your inkjet or laser printer and get printing! You should have no problem as long as your printable sticker sheets are properly loaded in the paper tray. 

Some fancy crafters use a Cricut or some other type of precise laser cutting machine to cut the stickers out.  But an old-school pair of scissors and a steady hand will work fine too.

Now it’s time to peel and stick until your heart’s content! Sticker your world, my friend!

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