A few years ago, popular band ‘OK GO’ released a new video for “Obsession” set in front of an entire wall of printers. Throughout the video, colorful printed pages spill out in sync with the song. Though visually pleasing, it left us here at Cash 4 Toners with one pressing question: “How many ink cartridges did they just waste?!” It may not seem like much, but we can almost guarantee these cartridges were not recycled. Therefore, these toxic remnants are sitting in a landfill somewhere. And they will be for the for the next 1,000 years. Check out the graphic below for more staggering facts about non-recycled ink cartridges.

OK Go’s ‘Obsession’ Video Not So Green After All

In 2017, OK Go’s ‘Obsession’ video used a whole lot of printers (and paper) to display an impressive show of different colors behind the band. We know the band recycled the paper. But what about the ink cartridges?
According to our estimates, the band wasted close to 6,000 ink cartridges to make this video. Why does it matter?
Take a look at some of these staggering facts:

More than 365 million ink cartridges are thrown away every year.

1 million

ink cartridges
every day


ink cartridges
per second

most of these cartridges end up in landfills

and can take

1,000 years

to fully decompose

What we can do about it?


Option one:

change from inkjet to laser printers

Option two:

buy more efficient, genuine, brand name toner cartridges

Option three:

sell unopened ink or toner cartridges to Cash4toners.com

Option four:

recycle ink cartridges

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