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Get started selling toners! We are buying toner cartridges every day here. Cash4Toners is the top rated toner buyback company for unused, unwanted imaging supplies on the web! Millions of people don’t realize they can sell their surplus toner for cash, and Cash4Toners pays the most money for printer cartridges! Easy, fast, and hassle-free! Trustworthy, reliable, and quick to respond! To get your cash for toner cartridges fill out the simple four-step form below for a quick quote!

We Make Selling Toner Easy

How to get cash for unused toner cartridge:

  • Step 1. Choose the brand of toner cartridge
  • Step 2. Enter the part number (found on the box).
  • Step 3. Enter the number of toner cartridges you have for sale. (1, 5, 10, etc.)
  • Step 4. Choose the condition of your toner cartridge box.

That’s it! We’ll pay you via PayPal or check and will provide a free shipping label for you to use when mailing your toner cartridge.

Additional Details

By submitting this quote, I agree that I am the rightful owner of these supplies, and they are genuine OEM, not counterfeit.

We Buy Toner

We’ve got a million bucks set aside just for toner buyback. We are the top rated toner buyer on the Internet. We buy toner by the boatload, and we want those dusty boxes in your office storage cabinet! Sell unused toner to us - we’ll pay you money for toner cartridges. Don’t waste your time with other toner buyers. Cash4Toners is at the top of the list of places that buy toner.

We Buy Ink

We buy unexpired, unused ink cartridges for cash too. Sell unused cartridges to us! If you’re selling ink cartridges, we’re buying. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling HP ink cartridges, Brother, Canon, or some other brand. Cash4Toners is the best place to sell unused ink cartridges. What do you do with old ink cartridges? Cash ‘em out. At Cash4Toners we know what to do with unused ink and toner cartridges. We’ll pay you money for them!

What type of ink cartridges and surplus toners do we buy?

We buy original OEM unused toner cartridge and supplies in its original packaging. If the box is damaged we will still buy it but at a lower price. Read more about what we buy and see the full list of ink and toner brands and printer supply products we purchase here.

Why you should sell toner cartridges and not trash them.

There is definitely no question the number one reason our customers sell us their surplus supplies is to make money. But in addition to the cash in you pocket, selling surplus printer supplies can help to benefit the environment by reducing the amount of plastic and toxic ink waste, clear up clutter in your home or office and prevent aggravation when attempting to insert the wrong toner into your new printer. The steps to fill out the form are easy and at Cash4toners we go the extra step in covering the shipping costs so you have no expense - its 100% profit!