Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting A Quote

Submitting a quote to Cash 4 Toners is designed to be quick and simple with our online submission form.
What do you mean by product brand?
The brand is the manufacturer of the items you are selling: HP, Brother, Canon, etc. Simply type in the brand name of the product you’re selling and a list of choices will pop up.
What does quantity mean?
Use the dropdown menu to select the amount of a particular item you have to sell. If you are selling more than one type of product, click the Add Item button
What is my product’s condition?
Each star represents a different box condition. Please select the star that is most fitting to your toner. As you hover over a star, an image will explain to you what each star represents.
What if I need more space to list all the items I have for sale?
Simply click the “Add item” button on the bottom of the toner Selling Form and an additional line will appear.
Should I include a picture of the products I’m selling?
Absolutely! Just click on the “Upload Image” button. Add images of your products to receive an extra $2.00 per picture. You can upload up to 15 images. You will receive $2 per item line.

Create An Account

Creating a Cash 4 Toners is quick, easy, and free — and we promise not to bombard you with unnecessary emails!
How do I set up a Cash4Toners account?
  • Click the “Account” button.
  • Select “New account”.
  • All we need is your name, email address, and contact information. This will make it easier for us to complete your payment and for you to track your order.
Does A Cash4Toners account cost anything?
Just ten seconds of your time to sign up. We value our customers like family, and we promise not to sell your address to anyone or fill your inbox with unnecessary emails.

How To Pack Your Toner For Shipping

Frequently asked questions about packing up your cartridges.
Do you supply a shipping box?
No. We will supply a pre-paid shipping label, but you need to supply the box. We find re-using Amazon shipping boxes work great!
Should I overbox my toner?
Yes, yes, and yes! Double box your toner cartridges and use lots of interior padding to avoid your toner cartridges from getting damaged during shipping.
What’s the best way to pack my printing supplies for shipping?
  • Line a box with bubble wrap, packing paper, or some other protective packing material.
  • Do not remove labels or tape on your product boxes! We will remove them here at the Cash4Toners warehouse to ensure the boxes are not damaged.
  • Stack your cartridges and imaging supplies in the box and cover them with more protective packing materials.
  • Seal the box carefully with packing tape.
  • Overbox if possible. Place your sealed box inside of another box and fill any empty space with protective packing material. This will ensure the products you are selling to Cash 4 Toners arrive safely and in the same condition they were sent.

How To Ship

Frequently asked questions about shipping your printing supplies to Cash4Toners.
How much does shipping cost?
Nothing! Shipping is on us! Shipping to us is FREE with no hassle! We want to make the shipping process easy for you. Once you have accepted our quote and have chosen a method of payment, we will email you a prepaid shipping label from FedEx.
What is the best way to pack and ship my printing supplies?
Please over-box. This helps prevent your items from getting damaged in transit. Also, please add a cushion (newspaper, air-bags, etc.) between the toner boxes and outer shipping box to help protect from damage as well.
Should I clean up the product packaging before shipping my cartridges?
No. Leave any tape or packing labels on the boxes you are selling to Cash4Toners. You don’t want to damage the box. We will remove all labels — including your personal information — here at our warehouse.

Order Updates

Find out how to track your shipments and view order history.
Is there a way to track my shipment?
Of course! Go to your Account page and click on the quote in question. During shipment you will be able to track all packages via the FedEx tracking number provided with the Cash4Toners shipping label.
How do I check my order history?
Go to your Account page. This page will show you a history of all your Cash4Toner transactions.


Learn more about how Cash4Toners will pay you for your surplus printing supplies.
How Much Will We Pay?
We pay top dollar for your items! Keep in mind; the price does vary based on the product itself, the product’s condition, and other factors. Please try to be as precise as possible when filling out the form; we want to offer you our best quote.
How Do We Pay?
PayPal is our preferred method of payment; it has proven to be secure and reliable. With this method, we are willing to pay you in advance even before the items have been shipped. Creating an account with PayPal is quick and easy.
Another option of payment is to be paid by check. If you do not want to use PayPal, we are willing to use this method of payment, but we will not be able to pay you in advance. Once the items have been received into our system and looked over, your check will immediately be sent out.


Below are questions about Cash 4 Toners’ inspection process.
What is the Cash 4 Toners inspection process?
Once we receive your shipment, we will inspect it to ensure the items match the content and condition of items listed on your toner selling form.
Can the Cash 4 Toners inspection process impact my payment?
If the items in your shipment differ from what is listed on the Toner Selling Form, Cash4Toners reserves the right to rescind payment.
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