Toner Cartridge Selling Process

Sell Us Your Toner

Selling your toner cartridge for cash can be done in 4 easy steps. Check out our simple instructions below and then get started using our Sell Toners Form.
Not sure about your cartridge? Take a look at the full list of toner cartridge brands we accept before getting started.





How to fill out the form

dropdown selection

Please select the brand you wish to sell.

The dropdown contains a list of brand names we are currently buying. If you do not see the brand name for your toner, we unfortunately do not buy that brand.

Please enter the part number of the item here.

In some cases it could be difficult to identify the item’s part number; this happens most commonly with HP brand items. If you are having difficulty, please use the series number and also include the color of the item.

This one is easy. Simply add the number of a particular item you have.

If you have the same item and part number but they are in different conditions (ex: one is a sealed box, and the other is an open box), use a different item line for each condition.

Each star represents a different box condition. Please select the star that is most fitting to your toner.

As you hover over a star, an image will explain to you what each star represents.

For a high volume list, you have the option to add additional rows.

In the spinner to the right of the button, you can select the amount of rows you will need. If you add too many rows, you can always remove them. To remove a row, hover over a line and you will see a red-ex, clicking on this will delete that row.

Add images of your products to receive an extra $2.00 per picture.

You can upload up to 15 images. You will receive $2 per item line.


How Much Will We Pay?

We pay top dollar for your items! Keep in mind; the price does vary based on the product itself, the product’s condition, and other factors. Please try to be as precise as possible when filling out the form; we want to offer you our best quote.

How Do We Pay?

  1. PayPal

    PayPal is our preferred method of payment; it has proven to be secure and reliable. With this method we are willing to pay you in advance even before the items have been shipped. Creating an account with PayPal is quick and easy.

  2. Check

    Another option of payment is to be paid by a check. If you do not want to use PayPal, we are willing to use this method of payment, but we will not be able to pay you in advance. Once the items have been received into our system and looked over, your check will immediately be sent out.


Shipping is on us!

Shipping to us is free with no hassle! We want to make the shipping process easy for you. Once you have accepted our quote and have chosen a method of payment, we will email you a prepaid shipping label from FedEx.

How to Ship

Please over-box.

We ask you to please over-box your items; this helps ensure the item’s protection from being damaged in transit. Also, please add a cushion (newspaper, air-bags, etc.) between the toner boxes and outer shipping box to help protect from damage as well.

Please do not remove labels or tape on the box.

Removing the labels on your own may decrease the value of the box. We will professionally remove all labels and personal information on the box when we receive the item.