How To Reset an Ink Cartridge [Regardless of Brand]

How To Reset An Ink Cartridge

It’s a fact jack: Sometimes ink cartridges stop working even when they’ve still got ink left inside.

Worse yet, when one color quits working the entire inkjet shuts down, even if you only need black text. Arrgh!

Fear not, printer warrior.

We’ll show you how to handle a pesky printer ink cartridge, regardless of brand and model. Read on

How To Reset Ink Cartridge

Psst! Want to know the secret to resetting the chip on an ink cartridge?

Here’s how to reset ink cartridges, regardless of brand. 

  • Locate the chip. It’s a tiny green circuit board about the quarter of the size of a postage stamp. They are often located on the front or bottom of your printer cartridge.
  • Bend a paperclip. You know the trick. You’ve been bending paper clips to solve computer problems since the days of floppy disks! In case you don’t know, simply find a sturdy paper clip and bend one leg out straight. This makes a perfect “poker” for getting inside those tiny buttons and eject ports that can be found on nearly all modern electronics. The stiff wire of a bent paperclip is perfect for resetting the chip on your ink cartridge.
Resetting Epson Ink Cartridge With a Paper Clip
How do you reset an Epson ink cartridge with a paper clip? A bent paper clip takes aim at resetting an Epson ink cartridge. Image by Brusspup.
  • Press the tiny reset button located beside the chip and hold for 10 seconds. Depending on the brand and model of the cartridge, you may not need to hold the button for 10 seconds, but it won’t harm the cartridge so do it anyway just to be safe. 
  • Done. Replace the ink cartridge in your printer and check the ink level monitor. It should read 100% full.

So now you know how…but why?

What are these weird green things and what do they do? 

The answers to these questions and more lie ahead.

Low Ink and Ink Level Basics

Most printer models use ink cartridges that have a chip built into them.

This chip monitors the ink level inside the cartridge.

But the memory of these chips are notoriously not very accurate.

This is why you will sometimes get an error message that says you are out even when there is printer ink remaining. 

When your ink is low, you will see a warning indicator light on the printer’s LCD screen.

In some cases, printing activities may stop if the cartridge is empty.

You will need to turn the printer’s power off, remove the empty, and replace it.

Once the cartridge is replaced with fresh ink, you can restore your printer’s power, turn the machine on, and resume printing.

Computer Chips on Ink Cartridges
Computer chips are located on the front of a quartet of ink cartridges.

What An Ink Cartridge Chip Does

The chip serves a couple of functions.

It tells the printer what color ink is printing and verifies that it is a usable cartridge. 

If you’re an inkjet printer owner, you may want to consider resetting your ink cartridges whenever you get low ink warnings.

Clearing the memory can give you a more accurate idea of your printer’s ink levels, the number of pages still available to print, and other valuable printing information. 

You want your ink level monitor to be correct.

You wouldn’t drive a car with a faulty gas indicator gauge. That’s an error in judgment!

Don’t make the same mistake with your printer’s ink levels. (If you stain your hands or clothes while refilling, turn that frown upside down! Here’s how to clean up!)

Hey, Where’s That Button?

Just above the circuit board on most printer cartridges, you’ll find a small button.

You’ve seen these tiny buttons before on cell phones, phone chargers, etc.

This is your reset button, and the only way to get in there is either with a paper clip or the tip of a pen (which will leave a tiny ink smudge on the button).  

In addition, keep your printer well maintained for best printing results.

Reset Button on Ink Cartridge
The refill ports of an HP 61 tri-color cartridge. The reset is located just to the right of the magenta port. (Image from Pinterest.)

Using A Chip Resetter For Epson and Others

Some ink cartridge chips must be reset electronically.

Many third-party companies sell electronic chip resetters. You can buy third-party ink cartridge resetters for almost any ink cartridge.

This allows you to refill these cartridges and reuse them in your printer. 

If you buy a resetter for your ink cartridges, we suggest a USB-powered model.

Some of the battery-powered models may not have enough voltage to fully reset your cartridge, whereas you’ll never have to worry about a power supply if you have a USB-powered resetter.

Chip technology today has become much more advanced.

Print manufacturers do not want you to refill your cartridges — they want you to buy new ones from them.

Therefore they’ve designed chips that are individually coded for each printer. 

This does not allow you to reuse the same cartridge in your printer even if you refill it and reset it.

The printer will not recognize a chip that has been previously used.

This is true for several models of Epson photo printers.

Unlike Epson printers, however, Canon photo printers allow you to refill the ink and reset the cartridges.

Resetting Epson Ink Cartridges

Many Epson chips can be reset using a software-based resetter. Bonus —  many are free to download! Once reset, your printer thinks the ink is full.

Once you open a software-based resetter, prompts on-screen will walk you through the steps to reset your Epson cartridges.

Some Epson cartridge resetters are physical devices that you actually insert the cartridge into and they electronically reset the chip.

You can pick up a resetter for Epson and other brands online for between five and $20.

There are different receptors for different printers, so make sure you shop around and use your correct model number. 

To use a physical chip resetter, simply press the four contacts on the chip against the contacts on the resetter.

On most receptors, a light will flash and then go solid green letting you know the reset is complete.

Pop that cartridge back in your Epson and check your ink levels.

If all goes well, they should show 100% full!

How To Reset Epson Ink Cartridge Chip Without Resetter

Hey, you can reset Epson ink cartridge without resetter!

As shown above, you can reset Epson chips by pressing and holding the button above the chip with a bent paper clip for 10 seconds.

Resetting HP Ink Cartridges

HP printers are famous for refusing to accept third-party cartridges. But there are workarounds.

Resetting Hp Ink Cartridges
The tape points to reset an HP cartridge. (Image from Pinterest.)

The contacts on an HP chip are strange.

They lean towards each other like that tower in Pisa, almost touching towards the top.

Regardless, locating the contacts that control the color ink level settings is fairly easy.

After refilling your cartridge, cover the blue ink level contact with a small piece of tape.

This is the uppermost contact atop the second column of contacts from the left.

Put the cartridge in, let the printer read it, then take it out again. 

Move the tape from the blue contact to the red contact.

Take a small piece of adhesive tape and cover the red contact. This is the uppermost contact on the second column from the right.

Make sure the tape only covers the surface of the contact (the tiny copper square you’ll find on the green circuit board).

Insert, read, and remove the cartridge as before. 

Repeat this process with the two green ink level contacts located just below the red contact and beside it, atop the first column on the right. (These contacts are in green in the diagram above.)

Check your ink levels after the printer is allowed to run through its cycle again. They should be 100% full.

How To Bypass HPs “Used or Counterfeit Printer Cartridge” Error

Did you ever get a flashing “Used or Counterfeit Printer Cartridge” message on your HP inkjet following a compatible cartridge install?

Yeah, we hate that. As already mentioned above, HP inkjets are famous for refusing to accept third-party cartridges.

However, here’s how to bypass that flashing message.

In the Windows operating system:

  • Open Devices and Printers
  • Select the active printer
  • Click on HP Printer System 
  • Click the Maintain Your Printer tab
  • Click the HP Cartridge Protection tab 
  • Click off the Disable HP Cartridge Protection button
  • Click ok to save settings

Resetting HP Toners

You can reset your HP laser printer toner cartridge too.

Sometimes laser printers report low or empty toners sooner than they have to. 

In fact, your old laser printer cartridge might still have some powdery pigment inside of it.

If the toner cartridge feels heavy when you take it out, you may not be due for a refill just yet.

  • Try an ink-saving mode. Most HP printers will prompt you to switch to low-toner prints once they detect low toner levels. 
  • Shake your cartridge. The first thing you should try with an HP LaserJet cartridge that’s supposedly empty. This old-school trick will free up the toner particles that are stuck to the inside walls and nooks. After you mount it back to your printer, it may register it as full. You may need to deactivate the ink-saving mode for the printer to detect toner levels properly.

Due to HP’s clever 128-bit encryption, page number resetters for HP toners are nearly non-existent. 

However, if it turns out your HP laser printer needs a refill, you can bypass HP’s smart OEM toner detection.  

  • Turn off toner level monitoring on the printer. This will allow you to use a refilled toner despite the chip reporting it as empty.
  • Install an HP chip to a replacement cartridge. This requires some fine motor skills and good tools. You’ll also possibly need to turn off toner level monitoring on the printer. 

Get an aftermarket chip for a refilled cartridge. The majority of modern HP toner cartridges are equipped with a small chip that communicates toner levels to the printer.

As already mentioned above, HP cartridges come with a clever encryption that doesn’t allow page resetting.

That means that you’ll need to do a lot of handiwork to get a refilled or off-brand toner to work in your LaserJet printer. 

In the case of HP JetIntelligence toners like HP 414A black, refilling and resetting the cartridge might not be worth your while.

Consider getting OEM toner instead.

Resetting Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon printers have thermal printheads. The ink actually cools the print heads down, and if you run empty cartridges the print heads can overheat and get damaged. 

There’s a trick we’ve seen that could help here.

But you will need four OEM Canon cartridges — filled or empty — to pull this trick off. 

Canon printers can only remember four different chip serial numbers.

So, if you replace and remove the four Canon cartridges, and, on the fifth attempt, install a newly refilled cartridge, the printer should accept the cartridge, and ink levels should read as full.

If you get Error 5200 on your Canon printer you can try some of our other solutions.

How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge

In many cases, you can press and hold the “ok” or “resume” button on the front of the printer for about 10 seconds.

This prompts resetting Canon ink cartridge and should allow you to continue printing.

How to Reset Samsung Toner Chip

There is a strange situation going on with the drum units inside Samsung laser printers.

The drum units are “programmed to fail” and stop working after a certain number of pages.

You can get a little more life out of your drum unit — and get rid of that error message — by resetting the chip on the end of the drum unit.

Behind that chip are two resistors — a flimsy 56K ohm and a meaty 200K ohm.

Replace the 56K ohm resistor and the printer will see the drum as new and restore the page count back to zero.

How To Reset Brother Ink Cartridge Chip

When you get the big red “X” on the LCD display of your Brother printer it means it’s time to replace the cartridge.

Or, you can refill and reset the chip.

You can use a chip resetter to reset the chips and buy your non-OEM ink from a reliable distributor. 

Also, Brother printers will sometimes tell you the ink is empty when you can clearly see liquid left in the cartridges.

These cartridges have a little clear node on the front.

The printer uses a sensor to look for ink inside this clear nodule.

If it doesn’t see ink it will give you an empty ink cartridge message.

The quick fix is to simply cover that sensor with a piece of black electrical tape.

The printer’s sensor sees a solid color and reads 100% full ink!

How To Reset Lexmark Ink Cartridge Chip

First, open the printer’s access cover and wait for the ink cartridge carriage to come to a stop.

Install the new ink cartridge and close the printer’s access door. 

Second, wait for the printer’s ink monitoring software to detect the new ink cartridge.

You’ll get an error message warning you the cartridge is not a genuine OEM Lexmark cartridge.

Next, click on the option on the ink monitoring software that lets you proceed.

Another warning will pop up on the printer’s screen detailing that you are using refilled or third-party cartridges and may void the printer’s warranty.

No worries. Click ok and proceed.

Each time you install a refilled or third-party cartridge you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to disable the Lexmark ink monitoring software.

Remember, since the monitoring software is not functioning it will not know your ink levels. Don’t run dry!

Show Your Printer Who’s The Boss With A Hard Restart!

Sometimes you have to get physical.

Perform a hard restart by unplugging the power cord from your printer.

Press and hold the printer’s start button for at least 10 seconds to reset your printer.

Send a print job to the printer before you plug it back in.

Once the print job has been sent to the machine, plug it back in and your printer should override the ink cartridge settings. 

Conversely, you can select and hold the power button which will restart your printer.

Cash Out Your Surplus Office Supplies

At some point you’re going to find yourself with extra ink and/or toner cartridges.

Maybe you got a new printer and you’re stuck with leftover supplies.

Maybe you ordered the wrong printer cartridges and forgot to return them.

Either way, you can turn your extra printing supplies into cash with Cash 4 Toners. Visit us online…we want your leftover ink and toner cartridges!

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  1. Kerry

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    How about a tool for HP laser toner Cartridge Chips?

    1. Rob Errera

      Max, we haven’t been able to locate such a tool. All the HP toner chip resets we’ve found are accomplished electronically by pushing various buttons on the printer in a specific sequence. Any creative types out there with a 3D printer want to create an HP chip resetter tool for Max?

      1. Ale

        Hi, Do you know of any key sequences that work on HP Ink tank wireless 415 ? It says ther’s a problem with the black cartridge even though the paper I´ve printed before it had no problems. Seems like a counter/ cartidge chip issue for me.

        1. Rob Errera

          To reset your HP ink tank wireless 415, press and hold both the Wireless button and the Cancel button on the printer control panel for three seconds.
          If you’re getting E4 paper jam errors on your HP ink tank, Ale, you may want to check out this video.

    2. Sofia

      Im still having a hard time with my wf4830 pro US version. Its impossible. I got a chip resetter physical and it did not work. Is there anyone who has successfully converted a wf4830 pro US to a sublimation printer? I have been looking for months now, please contact me if you have or know someone who has thank you in advance!

  3. Bryan Mark

    I cant find the reset point for my epson 212 cartridges? Do you know where they are?

    1. Rob Errera

      This is an interesting question, Bryan,
      This Amazon customer suggests that original Epson 212 cartridges cannot be refilled or reset … refillable cartridges must be used.
      But this YouTube video shows Epson cartridges being reset with a resetting tool, but we can’t guarantee it will work with your printer.
      Our suggestion would be to stick with genuine OEM replacement ink cartridges. In our experience, Epson printers can be especially finicky when it comes to refilling and/or third-party replacement cartridges.

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      This Wikihow article has some helpful illustrations, TH!

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      Instead of us walking you through the steps, Sushi, check out how the folks at Wikihow do it here!

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    Will this work with the sublimation cartridges for a Epson WF-7720?

    1. Rob Errera

      Sublimation ink is a special type of ink that, when heated, transforms from a solid to a gas. It’s great for transferring images to fabric. Assuming you’re using a genuine Epson cartridge — or refilling an OEM Epson cartridge with sublimation ink — you should be able to reset your Epson WF-7720 cartridge like you would any other, Shameka.

      1. Kashy

        Thanks for the solutions. However, my cartridge (901) doesn’t seem to have that button. The problem it has is that it prints blank and rejects ink even when empty. Can you suggest me a solution to this? I’d be very grateful.

        1. Rob Errera

          You may be able to reset the cartridge on the printer, Kashy. Try turning your printer on, wait 20 seconds, then turn the printer off and wait until it completely shuts down. Repeat this process five times. This should erase the cartridge ID number from the printer’s memory. Also, this video may be helpful.

  8. Andrew Bobeszko

    Hi Rob,
    Thank you for clear explanation of resetting cartridge chips. I wonder whether you could send me a link that describes contacts on the Epson SX235N chip, their numbers, functions, type of chip, and possibly the schematic diagram of connections.

    1. Rob Errera

      Looks like you might need to replace the entire chip if you want to reset an Epson SX235N cartridge, Andrew, but you can buy some from China for under $10 here.

      1. Erica Gonzales

        How can I reset my hp 6255 printer after refilling the ink cartridges

        1. Rob Errera

          You will likely get an error message on your HP 6255 after installing refilled ink cartridges, Erica, but in most cases, you can ignore these warnings and simply press the continue button to continue printing. Your printer might not be able to accurately monitor your ink levels, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the quality of your prints.
          If you need to reset your HP 6255 to factory default settings, go to the control panel on your printer, and click the gear icon (Settings). Scroll down to the bottom and click Restore to Factory Default Settings.

  9. Travis Combs

    What model chip resetter do you use for a epson 128220 printer

    1. Rob Errera

      We don’t sell chip resetters, Travis, and we can’t endorse any third-party products. That being said, if you poke around the Internet you can find something like this, which should work for you.

  10. Vai

    Hey there, I was wondering if its possible to rest hp 58a cartridges (Im using it for hp404dn).
    Appreciate all the efforts.

    1. Rob Errera

      Flip that cartridge over and look at the contacts, Vai. If you place a piece of tape over the top contact of the second row from the right, and a piece of tape over the bottom contact of the third row from the right, you may be able to fool your HP 404dn into believing the ink cartridge is full. You can remove the tape on the cartridge once your HP 404dn starts printing a test page. This video goes into more detail. Good luck!

  11. Ashley

    I have an HP envy 4500 and used third party ink cartridges. It’s telling me that the cartridge is for an older generation of printer. I reset it by hitting the line button then home then line 2 times. I was able to print the model number while I was in support menu but it goes back to error. What do you recommend I do from here?

    1. Rob Errera

      Try these steps from HP support, Ashley.
      1. Remove the cartridges from your printer.
      2. With the printer turned on, unplug the power cord from the back of your printer and wait 30 seconds.
      3. Plug back in and power up the printer.
      4. Reinstall the ink cartridges when the printer requests them.
      You can learn more about HP error messages here.
      Good luck, Ashley! Avoid future problems by sticking with OEM ink cartridges!

  12. Duane

    Would this work for a sawgrass sg500 sublimation printer.

    1. Rob Errera

      The Sawgrass SG500 is a fine sublimation printer, Duane, but resetting the chips can be a challenge. This video shows a user having success by replacing the chip on his SG500 cartridges. Check it out!

  13. Ganesh Gokhale

    I am using new HP 802 cartridges in my HP 1510 printer.
    BUT unable to use it because of both ink cartridges lights are blinking

    1. Rob Errera

      Try these steps from HP support, Ganesh.
      1. Take the cartridges out of your printer.
      2. Kill the power to the printer by unplugging the power cord.
      3. Wait 30 seconds.
      4. Plug the cord back into the printer.
      5. When the printer requests new ink cartridges, reinstall your cartridges.
      Hopefully, this does the trick! You can learn more about HP’s blinking lights and error messages here.

  14. Farida Jawaid

    Please help me reset my hp 61282 cartridge.

    1. Rob Errera

      Ok, Farida, let’s do this!
      Flip the cartridge over and look at the contacts on the bottom. There should be four rows of contacts on the right, four rows of contacts on the left, and two rows of contacts in a V-shape in the middle.
      Cover the four rows of contacts on the right with a piece of tape and install the cartridge in your printer. Ignore any error messages.
      Your HP printer should print an alignment page.
      Remove the cartridge again once the alignment page has been printed and tape over the four rows of contacts on the left side of the cartridge. This should leave only the two center rows of contacts exposed.
      Place the cartridge back in the printer for ten seconds and remove it. You can remove both strips of tape from the contacts and reinstall the cartridge, which should show a full ink level.

  15. Shubham Gupta

    Hi Rob,
    Love what you are doing for us¸
    I have trouble resetting the ink cartridges of my HP Deskjet 3630 printer. Could you please help me with the steps?

    Thanks in Advance!!

    1. Rob Errera

      Thanks, Shubham! Try these steps from HP support to reset your HP 3630’s ink cartridges.
      1. Take the cartridges out of your printer.
      2. Kill the power to the printer by unplugging the power cord.
      3. Wait 30 seconds.
      4. Plug the cord back into the printer and power up.
      5. When the printer requests new ink cartridges, reinstall your cartridges.
      Hopefully, this does the trick! You can learn more about HP’s dreaded blinking lights and error messages here.

  16. Jean-Franois Nol

    Hello, wonderful help, thanks!
    Did you find a way to reset the T320? (Epson PM-400)

    1. Rob Errera

      We’ve had no luck finding a reliable chip resetter or even replacement chips for Epson T320 ink cartridges, Jean-Francois. However, this video may offer some solutions using the Epson PM-400 menu panel.

  17. Jaydeep

    Hy i have refilled black 304 cartridge in my hp desk jet 2600. Now it shows up cartridge failure.
    From where can i reset the ink level.

    1. Rob Errera

      Okay, Jay, turn your printer on, wait 20 seconds, and turn it off again. Allow the printer to completely shut down. Repeat this process five more times to clear the HP cartridge ID from the printer’s memory. Good luck!

  18. frank H

    How to reset a 3011 Blk Cartridge for a Brother MCF-J491DW using a paper clip?

    1. Leah

      Same – Brother MFC-J117ODW – tried blacking out ink window, unplugging printer, taking cartridges out …still says ink low. The chip for LC410 is a tiny flat thing – nothing to push to reset. Please help:)

      1. Rob Errera

        Brother offers an app called Brother Mobile Connect that monitors printer ink levels through a program called Page Gauge. You might be able to reset your ink level with the app, Leah.
        Some Brother users claim the ink levels will reset if you let the LC401 ink cartridge run completely dry. We’ve also seen a trick where you remove all of the ink cartridges and ask the printer to run. This resets the ink levels once the ink cartridges are replaced. Check it out here. Good luck, Leah!

  19. stephanie

    Hi Rob, Firstly thank you so very much for such an informative write up, its very well written, will plenty of detail. I own the epson 440 and my search for resetting the cartridges led me here to your website. You mentioned their are 3rd party chip resetting firmware/programs available, some of them being free, do you have any suggestions on where im able to download one. Most ive come across are free, but will lock you out of the printer without buying an activation code.

    1. Rob Errera

      It seems some Epson printers must get a printer error message before the ink levels can be reset. This video explains it further and may be helpful. We haven’t found any free resetters for Epson, just ones like this for around $14.

      1. Jennifer

        Hi, I’m having issues getting around the hp officejet 4630’s hp61 ink cartridge saying it’s empty well before it is “actually” empty. Is there a work around for this cartridge? I looked at your other hp cartridge resets but mine doesn’t have the little reset hole and the contacts on the chip do not look the same as the one in your hp cartridge diagram. Thank you for any help you can give!

        1. Rob Errera

          There’s still life left in those ink cartridges, Jennifer! Don’t give up on them. First, make sure your drivers and firmware are up to date. You can download them here. If the printer still won’t give you an accurate ink level reading, you can perform a factory reset. Here’s what HP recommends:
          1. Disconnect the power cable from the printer while the printer is still ON.
          2. Disconnect any other cables if connected to the printer.
          3. Press and hold the printer’s power button for 15 seconds.
          4. The printer should be directly connected to the wall outlet and not to a surge protector.
          5. Reconnect the power cable to print and the printer should power ON by itself. If the printer doesn’t power ON then please manually power it ON.
          Good luck, Jennifer!

  20. Giovanni

    Hi Rob,

    Could you please tell me if there is a way to reset the 33xl Epson compatible cartridges?
    My Epson XP-7100 indicates that a cartridge is empty and to be replaced, but there’s still some ink there. No reset button beside the chip. No resetter found.
    Tanks in advance.

    1. Rob Errera

      First, Giovanni, hit the Home button on the front of your Epson 7100 and select Settings. Scroll down to Restore Default Settings. Select the reset option that says, “All Except Network Settings”, and select Yes to reset the printer. This may help reset the ink counter on your printer cartridge. This video may also be helpful.

  21. Giovanni

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I had already watched that video, but it’s not helpful for my issue.
    I’ve also reset the printer, but the problem persists.
    So I took another approach: I’ve replaced the chip of the cartridge at issue with the chip of a new and equivalent cartridge. At least I don’t have to throw away a cartridge with a high level of remaining ink. And since the problem occurred only with the cartridge with black ink, which is the most capacious and durable one, I think it can be a solution not too bad.
    Are you agree?

    Thanks again.

  22. Vito

    Hello Frank,
    I have an hp office jet 3830 and have been purchasing non oem ink cartridges and finding that it is hit and miss. Today I have tried using an UPSEK ( brand ) Black 63XL and the printer isn’t recognizing it and to replace the indicated cartridge.
    I did try the following steps to no avail,
    1. Take the cartridges out of your printer.
    2. Kill the power to the printer by unplugging the power cord.
    3. Wait 30 seconds.
    4. Plug the cord back into the printer and power up.
    5. When the printer requests new ink cartridges, reinstall your cartridges.

    Any help is appreciated.


    1. Rob Errera

      Your experience is not uncommon, Vito. Third-party cartridges are notorious for giving incorrect ink levels. The best advice we can give is to stick with genuine HP ink cartridges. They cost more, but they work right every time!

  23. Mike

    HI, is it possible to perform a toner reset on a LaserJet M553 Printer? I have googled my eyes out to no avail. Any help wouyld be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Rob Errera

      First, turn your M553 off via the power button on the printer.
      Next, restart the printer while holding down the ‘Go’ or green button until the monitor reads ‘Cold Reset’ and the printer motors begin to run.
      Release the Go button. The printer should say, ‘initializing’ then, ‘restoring Factory Settings’, and finally, ‘Offline’.
      Hit the Go button a final time to bring the printer back online.
      This should reset the toner chip, Mike. Good luck and happy printing.

  24. Lucy

    Hi Rob, I’m about to purchase an Epson SureColor A1 Inkjet Printer T3160N and have been researching where to get ink to refill the cartridges but I am hitting a dead end. Can you refill these cartridges and what ink do you use to do it? Thanks in advance.

    1. Rob Errera

      The Epson SureColor A1 is a great printer for professional quality, large format graphics, Lucy, but we haven’t found a cheap way to refill its ink cartridges. And, in all honesty, if you’re paying for a high-end printer, you probably shouldn’t cut corners with replacement ink cartridges. You’ll get the best results with genuine Epson ink cartridges.

  25. Fahad

    Hi, Is it possible to reset HP MFP135w W1107A laser toner cartridge chip?

    1. Rob Errera

      You’ll need to find third-party compatible replacement chips, Fahad. This YouTuber uses peel-and-stick replacement chips that seem to work well.
      This guy on YouTube shows how to remove and replace the chip on an HP W1106A cartridge, the same as the W1107A, only it’s sold in a different part of the world. If you try this method, be careful with that utility knife!
      This guy does a great job refurbishing and refilling a W1107A cartridge, but it looks like a LOT of work for little savings and questionable print quality.
      Another workaround might be to turn off the chip info for your HP printer. You can learn more about that here.

  26. Louiemar Tan

    Hi, how to reuse HP GT 5820 protected cartridge to another same model HP Printer

    1. Rob Errera

      Looks like you’ll need to remove HP Cartridge Protection from your GT5820 cartridge, Louiemar. To disable the cartridge setting on your HP printer, go to your computer’s control panel and select the printers tab. Select your HP printer from the list of printers. Locate the HP toolbox, click the “disable cartridge protection, and click save. This should allow you to use your HP GT 5820 cartridge in another HP printer model, Louiemar.

  27. John Wilkinson

    I have an HP Tango which uses the HP 64 cartridge. No “Pisa” towers. Which pins do I cover?

    1. Rob Errera

      I think this image from Pinterest may be helpful, John.

  28. Muz

    HI, can you help with resetting Primera LX500 cartridges please. Thanks.

    1. Rob Errera

      According to Primera, you should go to the control panel on your LX500 and select Printers and Faxes.
      Select your printer and click on Printing Preferences. You can choose Clean/Change Cartridges, Check Ink Levels, or Ink Levels and Cartridge Maintenance under preferences. Any of these choices should reset your Primera LX500 cartridges.
      Click the Change button.
      Choose which cartridges you are changing, black or color.
      Best of luck, Muz!

  29. Nadeem Khan

    HI, How can reset HP M630 Printer (cartridge 281x) after refill.

    1. Rob Errera

      The HP 81X (CF 281X) toner cartridge isn’t designed to be refilled, so I assume you’ve already found a way around this, Nadeem, maybe by drilling a new hole into the cartridge or removing one or both of the endcaps. Either way, you will also need to replace the chip on this cartridge to get it to work in your HP M630. These guys in Germany demonstrate how to pry off the old chip and install a new one. Good luck, Nadeem! Be careful with the knife and hot glue!

  30. Neglaka

    I have my hp 2375 printer which has two 667xl cartridges, one color and the other black. when I make a print or copy in black, arriving at the half of the process of copying or printing the black light starts to flash and ejects the paper without finishing the copy or the print. the 2 cartridges are authentic and I haven’t even printed 100 pages yet. you can help me?

    1. Rob Errera

      When in doubt, uninstall your printer and reset it to its original factory default settings, Neglaka.
      You can restore your HP 2375 to its original factory settings by turning the printer on, pressing the power button, holding the cancel button (“X”) for three seconds, and then releasing both buttons. Your HP 2375 should print out a test page to let you know the printer is reset. Good luck, Neglaka!

  31. Charm

    Hi, I have tried everything possible with my Hp 63 original in cartridge. to override. It is still showing ink level depleted even after I have reinked the cartridge and over the chip thing the test print comes out perfect showing the colors and it said it has aligned however when I print my document it comes out black and white only and showing me estimated ink level for the color is empty.
    The color cartridge is full. Can you show a picture of where to cover on the HP 63 chip after refilling the ink please.

    1. Rob Errera

      You can find the image you’re looking for here on Pinterest, Charm.

  32. Tammie

    is there a way to get around the HP 9z out or warranty on ink or printheads, anything would help, thanks

    1. Rob Errera

      We’re not sure we understand your question, Tammie. The short answer is, if you refill your HP cartridge, it will void your warranty. You can check out HP’s warranty on ink and printheads here.

  33. kevin

    any work around with hp designJet T210
    i have refill but still showing empty ?

    1. Rob Errera

      Have you tried this, Kevin?
      1. Turn off your T210
      2. Unplug it from the wall
      3. Remove all ink cartridges
      4. Plug in and restart the printer
      5. Replace the ink cartridges when prompted
      Sometimes this works. There is a good guide to troubleshooting DesignJet T210 problems here.


    How can I reset a Brother LC404 ink cartridge for a Brother J1205W printer? I doesnt seem to have a reset button on the cartridge, and I cannot find a cartridge resetter available online. I am very frustrated with this as I bought the printer because it was advertised with the Inkvestement Tanks which I thought were refillable. Great information in your site here. Thanks

    1. Rob Errera

      Sorry, Dale, but we can’t find a resetter for the LC404 ink cartridge either. These folks are experiencing a similar situation to yours and having a lively discussion about possible workarounds. Even though your Brother J1205W has INKvestment Tank technology, it still uses ink cartridges. These INKvestment Tank cartridges hold much more ink than a standard ink cartridge, but they need to be replaced eventually. (Brother promises a full year of printing from the starter cartridges they provide.)

  35. Jessy

    I have a HP OfficeJetPro 9025e who’s printing ability is being held hostage by HP as I refuse to use their print cartridge services as they’re ridiculously expensive. Now I’m unable to print. I called customer service and they state they locked my printer. How do I, if possible, override this so I can use my printer. The cartridges still have ink (962/963, 964/965) for cyan, magenta, yellow & black. I greatly appreciate your help.

    1. Rob Errera

      Being held hostage is no fun, Jessy. Resetting your printer to its original network settings should unlock it.
      1. Open the printer dashboard from the control panel and select Setup.
      2. Click Network Setup
      3. Select Restore Network Settings
      4. You will be asked if you want to restore network defaults. Select “Yes.”
      Good luck, Jessy!

  36. Bryan

    I’ve got a Brother MFC J1215. It’s a different animal from what you’ve described. I can refill the cartridges but how do I reset the chip in a LC404 cartridge? Is there a different cartridge that will work in this printer or am I stuck buying new cartridges when I run out of ink?

    1. Rob Errera

      We just discussed this with Dale a few comments down, Bryan. He’s having the same problem. We’re unsure if a chip resetter for the Brother LC404 ink cartridge exists, but these folks are discussing workarounds for your J1215 printer.

  37. glenn

    I have Kyocera 3155DN printers that I just bought from UK. They use different power in the US but I have a transformer that takes care of that issue. However the toner the UK printer uses is TK-3190 and the toner the US version uses is TK-3182. Will a reset chip allow me to use the TK-3182 in the UK printer?

    1. Rob Errera

      Many manufacturers have different product numbers for toner sold in Europe vs. toner sold in America and other parts of the world. But the toner cartridges themselves are often identical. There’s a good chance whatever chip resetter you use on your TK3190 cartridge will also work on your US-market TK 3182 cartridge. Good luck, Glenn!

  38. Alen

    Hello, is it possible to reset chips for Canon imageprograf Pro 6100S.
    There is 8 cartridges. I just replaced one chip with Canon IPF-1700 chip although it is not the same chip. It works!
    Other 7 color chips I would like to reset somehow.
    There is no reseter on the market. There is no buttons to press on the cartridges.

    1. Rob Errera

      Sounds like you might have solved the problem already, Alen. If an IPF-1700 chip worked on one cartridge from your Canon 6100S it will probably work on the others. Give it a try and let us know.

  39. Steve

    Any info on the Kodak 10 series? I have tried everything and I’m willing to get creative but I need information on how this chip works. I don’t understand why no information is available on the Kodak?

    1. Rob Errera

      If you poke around the interwebs, you should be able to find replacement chips for your Kodak 10 series cartridges, Steve. The installation process for Kodak 10 series chips is pretty straightforward.
      1. Remove the ink cartridge from your Kodak inkjet printer.
      2. Turn the cartridge over.
      3. Press the plastic clip holding the chip in place inward until the chip slides down and off the ink cartridge.
      4. Cut the plastic clip that holds the chip in place off the ink cartridge.
      5. Slide the new chip into place. It will have an adhesive backing. Align the longer side of the chip with the left side of the cartridge.
      6. Reinstall the cartridge and print away!

  40. Clifford Gaw

    I have a Canon Pixma 4210 printer. The printer was great until I did a fast clean then a deep clean as the printing was spotty. The procedure said it will use a lot of ink and to make sure the ink tubes were not empty so I partially filled, above the half way mark, and pressed Deep Clean. Error code 5800 came up and everything was frozen and 5800 says to take it in for repair. I can not find a Canon Printer repair facility near 32174.
    Can anyone offer any help. The Canon site is canned responses only and of no useful help so far.

    1. Rob Errera

      Canon’s error code 5800 has to do with resetting the waste ink counter, Clifford. Try this:
      1. With the printer off, press and hold the stop button and the power button at the same time.
      2. Release the buttons to put your Pixma into service mode.
      3. Press the green button four times to reset the waste and counter.
      4. Restart printer.
      You might find helpful information here, Clifford, Good luck!


    Can the cartridges for design jet 5000PS be refilled and what is the procedure to do it and to reset the chip

    1. Rob Errera

      HP does not recommend refilling DesignJet 5000PS ink cartridges, Khaled. They probably figure you wouldn’t skimp on replacement ink if you sprung for a large format printer. That being said, we’ve seen people refill these cartridges, but it looks messy and complicated. Good luck!

  42. Derek

    Any way to trick a primera Bravo 4100 cartridge?

    1. Rob Errera

      It sounds like you’re looking for a way to reset the ink cartridge chip on your Primera Bravo 4100 disc printer, Derek. The Bravo 4100 is a high-end inkjet designed for printing labels directly on CDs and DVDs. A specialty printer like the Primera works best with genuine Primera ink cartridges. You can “trick” a Bravo 4100 into using third-party cartridges, but it’s not easy.
      * You’ll need to find replacement chips online, which can be challenging.
      * Ensure you order the chip number for the color cartridge you’re replacing. Primera ink cartridges have the following codes:
      ** 53604 is black
      ** 53601 is cyan
      ** 53602 is magenta
      ** 53603 is yellow
      * These chips also come in A and B versions. You’ll need to research which one your cartridge needs.
      * These chips are held in place with a plastic post that needs to be clipped or pried off.
      * Finally, you’ll need to glue the new chip in place.
      Good luck, Derek!

  43. Scott M

    I have a Primera LX-2000 . I have been trying to find an chip resetter or a solution to use aftermarket ink. I have even explored modifying the firmware. The only solution I can find are replacement chips which still make this printer ridiculously expensive to use due to the high cost of the primera ink cartridges. Rob, you seem to be the ultimate guru on finding workarounds 🙂 . Your knowledge is impressive. Do you have any ink workarounds for this Primera model?

    Also, if we can’t find an ink solution, we have no choice but to sell our Primera printer and look for a solution with cheaper ink for our retail labels. What cost effective printer (in a similar class to the Primera LX series) would you recommend that can support aftermarket ink for retail labels and possibly a CISS system. We don’t mind investing in a chip resetter. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time answering all of our questions here. We all really appreciate you.

    1. Rob Errera

      Thanks, Scott! You ask a good question. Like Derek’s Primera, Bravo 4100 discussed below, the Primera LX 2000 is a specialty inkjet that creates professional labels. It uses pigment-based inks that are water and UV resistant. It can also print GHS-compliant labels required for chemicals, perfume, and other products. The LX 2000 creates professional labels but can be expensive to own. But, if you own a Primera printer, you’ll need to use Primera ink. We haven’t found a way around this.

      But we understand your need for affordable alternatives, Scott. Let’s see what your options are.

      1. Step up to the Primera LX 3000, which uses “Big Ink” refillable tanks, which may save you money on print costs. Click here to learn more about the Primera LX 3000.
      2. Step down to a Primera LX500, which is cheaper to operate, but still requires Primera ink.
      3. Step over to a competitor like Epson Colorworks printers. These printers are still expensive to own but may be cheaper to operate than the Primera printers. Epson supplies are generally more readily available (and less expensive) than Primera products.
      4. Stick with your LX 2000 and try to find the best deals on multi-pack ink cartridges. B&H Photo carries Primera multi-packs.
      Good luck, Scott!

  44. Alis

    Hi team c4t is possible to reset the inks bought from HP instant ink ? The issue is that the inks are only working if i keep paying them each month. I do not use the printer so often and it´s not worth it so after 2 years I decides to cancel my subscription and have to full setts of unused inks that I cant use now ;((

    1. Rob Errera

      Your story is not uncommon among HP Instant Ink subscribers, Alis. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go back to buying regular HP ink cartridges as needed and consider those unusable Instant Ink cartridges a loss. We suggest returning your Instant Ink to HP; you may be eligible for some credit or coupon. If not, at least those ink cartridges will be properly recycled.

  45. Thierry

    Hi, I have an Epson WF-2750 from the US, which uses 220XL cartridges, I moved in Europe, where these cartridges are not sold, and the EU version of the WF-2750 uses 16XL instead.
    Is there a way I can reprogram the chip of some new 16XL cartridges so ti can be detected? Or may be do something on the printer side (flashing new firmware which would not check the chip?).

    1. Rob Errera

      We’ve seen people install chipless firmware on their Epson printers that allows you to use any brand of cartridge (including the European 16XL cartridge). We normally wouldn’t recommend altering the manufacturer’s settings, but in your case, Thierry, you might want to check it out. Another option would be stocking up on 220XL cartridges and getting them shipped to you in Europe.

  46. Natalie

    Can I reset an ink cartridge for Xerox printer, model C315 (ink is C310). I get an error on my printer “replace unsupported magenta cartridge”. The seller is suggesting I “whip the chip” but I do not see any pin holes. I’ve asked for further clarification from them, awaiting a reply, but hoping you could help quicker. *fingers crossed*

    1. Rob Errera

      Well, Natalie, our first bit of advice is one you’re probably aware of — stick with genuine OEM Xerox toner cartridges! We’re unsure how to “wipe the chip” on a C310 cartridge. You might want to try covering one (or more) of the contacts on the cartridge with a piece of tape — as this guy did. He uses a different printer model and cartridge type, but the same idea applies. Good luck, Natalie! Let us know how it works out.

  47. Terry

    They are being used with an HP DesignJet 800PS

    1. Rob Errera

      This video may help you reset the ink levels on your DesignJet800PS, Terry.
      We’ve seen people cover the bottom right contact on the printer cartridge to get the printer to reset its ink levels, but we can’t guarantee it will work with you wide format printer. Some models of HP printers will allow you to press and hold the Power and Cancel button together for 20 seconds to reset ink levels, but the DesignJet 800PS may not be one of those models. Good luck, Terry!

  48. Jackie Hylton

    I’m not sure why but my Canon pixma ts3522 is reading code E04 and E05 and i can’t get the error codes to go away and im unable to print. I’ve done everything right that I know of what am I not doing right here? Can u help?

    1. Rob Errera

      Error code E04 means the cartridge in your printer is not installed correctly. Error code E05 means the print head is not installed or installed incorrectly.
      Try the following to fix the problem, Jackie:
      1. Remove the cartridges from your printer.
      2. Turn your printer off, but don’t unplug it from the wall outlet.
      3. Use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to carefully wipe the computer chips on the front of each cartridge.
      4. Turn the printer back on.
      5. Reinstall the printer cartridges.
      This should clear your E04 and E05 errors, Jackie. Good luck!

  49. Bruce

    Are you familiar with resetting the EPSON T126 ink cartridges (4) that are used in my Epson Workforce 645? The chip has 9 contacts (row of 4 above row of 5) but, nothing that will push in when pressed with a paper clip. I pulled the chip off a empty black cartridge as I was curious what I would find. The chip is secured by 4 plastic tabs that lock to the plastic cartridge body. I’m only going to print with black ink but, have to reset Cyan as it is registering empty. Is a pin resetting device the only option? Thanks

    1. Rob Errera

      There may be a way to reset your Epson T126 cartridge with a paper clip, Bruce. But investing in a chip resetter for your Workforce 645 might be a better bet in the long run.

  50. Steven

    Hi, is there a way to toner reset a HP LaserJet M110we? It’s uses HP+ so 3rd party cartridge are not possible…

    1. Rob Errera

      Sounds like you want to reset an HP 141 toner cartridge, Steven. That is a complicated process that involves swapping and replacing computer chips. This video may help. Good luck!

  51. An

    Hi Rob, I try to find everywhere to reset Brother LC432 ink, im not sure if I do something wrong, I cover the sensor with black tape but still not working, clearly it still has ink inside, can you please give me some advice? Appreciate

    1. Rob Errera

      We appreciate your diligence, An. Printers can be frustrating sometimes. This video may help, An. Good luck!

  52. Kristofer Moore

    My wife said when she tried to reset the canon pgi72 she got the message, cartridge not recognized

  53. Sue

    Hi! I can’t find the reset button on the HP933 or HP933XL. Can you please help me?

  54. April

    I know I’m taking a shot in the dark since a majority of the resets here are for HP, and Epson, but would by some great miracle someone would know how to reset the Disc publisher 4100 printer (by Primera) I hate the fact that just because I am out of the black ink cartridge, I can’t use the’s soooo STUPID!! All my other cartridges work and full.

  55. Phil

    Hi, i have a printer that works with HP 652 ink cartridges and i need help with refilling. Can you please tell me how to reset the chip, or where can i buy new (unofficial but supported) chips?


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