Printer Sound: 22 Best ASMR Printer Videos


Ah, the sweet, ethereal sounds of feeder rollers, swishy paper, and electronic bleep-blorp.

Printers play a special role in all our lives, especially for fans of ASMR audio and video, who get a deep, sensual thrill from this everyday office workhorse.

Here are the 22 best ASMR printer videos of all time!


According to the all-knowing gods at Wikipedia, ASMR—autonomous sensory meridian response— is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

In short, it’s a hair-raising thrill brought on by sound. But not loud, brashy sounds. Soft, repetitive sounds.

Murmured voices . . . whispered conversations . . . crinkly pages . . . churning printers. Enjoy these best ASMR printer videos ever!

Best ASMR Printer Videos On The ‘Net

We scoured the Internet in search of the most satisfying ASMR printer clips we could find.

We found a lot, a little something for everyone. Some are simple sound effect clips. Others are office roleplay videos featuring printers.

It all sounds good to us! Enjoy these best ASMR printer videos ever!

WHITE NOISE ~ Repetitive Sound of Printing Press ~ Focus, Studying, Sleeping, Baby – 8hrs

Twenty percent less enjoyable than 10 hours of printer sounds, this eight-hour compilation of a roaring printing press is still pretty darn satisfying.

Intended to block out extraneous noise, this video claims to help students cram for final exams and babies fall asleep, but we like it straight up, as a soundtrack for our lives.

Samsung Printer Noise

Short and sweet at 34 seconds, the best part of this clip is watching the blocky-fingered printer operator clumsily install a new toner cartridge.

The sound of a singing Samsung is pretty sweet, too. Play it again, Sam!

Canon PIXMA MX475 Printer Noise before and after each Print

This Canon Pixma MX475 thunks and clunks its way through a couple of prints, all from the cozy confines of a pantry closet.

This upset us. Nobody puts Pixma in a corner! You’ll have the time of your life with this two-minute vid.

Computer Printer Sound Effect

A brief (25 seconds) but powerful audio experience awaits, as this HP Deskjet chugs out a page of printed text.

Brilliantly realized, from the thunking printhead assembly to the whirl of the feeder rollers.

PhotoCopy Machine Making Copies 1 Hour Rhythmic Machine Sound

A full hour of 60-pages-per minutes copying is a soothing sound sensation!

The huff and chug of this printer/copier sounds like the voice of an old friend . . . a friend who repeats himself often.

Hey friend, got any old toner you want to unload for fast cash?

Epson Dot Matrix Action Printer T 1000

Two minutes, 40 seconds of Epson Dot Matrix Action Printer T 1000 with tractor feed paper!

Old-school printer audio doesn’t get any better than this. Ah, the sweet sound of dots!

Printer Sounds for Calming and Relaxation ASMR

Duplex printing is sexy as hell and this video has it in spades.

A nameless grey printer churns out double-sided pages in this mesmerizing five-and-a-half minute ASMR video.

Statham PAT Tests Printer ASMR video

Custom-made for ASMR aficionados, this video features a Brother MFC-J591ODW being “tested” by a white-gloved engineer.

With over 40 minutes of thrilling and sublime audio, this video gets right to the heart of the ASMR experience.

ASMR — My New Printer / The Power of Sounds

The Whispering Pharaoh just got a new $35 Canon Pixma at Walmart and he’s eager to share the experience with all of us.

He taps, crinkles, and scratches his way into your eardrums in this 15-minute journey into ASMR printer bliss.

No electronic sounds here, just fingertips on plastic casing.

ASMR – Printer

A Canon inkjet runs through the motions in this 7-and-a-half minute video, shot in darkness with only the printer’s LED screen to guide us.

It’s very soothing, with a glowing stop button that could double as an Illuminati logo, and a tiny screen showing us ink levels and informing us it is “Printing the data…”. Print on, Canon!

ASMR Sounds: Unboxing Printer Cartridges (Plastic, Cardboard and Cutting Sounds)

Most people hate unwrapping new printer cartridges.

Sure, we don’t want them to dry out, but do they have to be vacuum sealed in heavy plastic, for the love of Pete?

Fortunately DonnaASMR makes the experience a pleasant one. Our only complaint — non-OEM ink cartridges. Boo!

Dot Matrix Printer Sound

Infra Violet contributes a 4-and-a-half minute video of an old-school dot matrix printer cranking out the image of an anime beauty sitting atop a bass guitar.

Very groovy and soothing . . . except for the very end where the printer jams and Infra Violet curses.

BLACK SCREEN ::.. Printer Sound 45min’s ★ASMR

This video kicks off with 30 seconds of an HP Officejet printing out a colorful page with the word “noise” circled in the center.

Then the screen fades to black . . . and stays that way for the next 44 minutes.

Fortunately, the sound of a busy printer remains.

ASMR Role Play Printer Service Shop, soft spoken in finnish

Imagine it: You’re vacationing in Finland and your Canon inkjet needs a new cartridge, (yeah, we travel with our printer…don’t you?).

What else can you do but stop into Tuulia ASMR’s printer service shop for a replacement?

This video is a bit like bad foreign porn without the sex, but it’s ASMR roleplay paradise.

{ASMR} 3 Hours of Relaxing Printer Sounds Noises | Film and Sound Effects

There’s a still photo of an Epson inkjet that accompanies this video, but the printer sounds more dot matrix to us.

Regardless there’s a nice solid thunk each time a new sheet of paper feeds through, and three hours of uninterrupted printer sounds is music to our ears.

ASMR – Recarga de cartucho impressora recolocando – printer, scratch, tapping, brush

An HP Deskjet stars in this 12-minute video, co-starring the hairy, gnarled hands of ASMR Men, as he brushes and crinkles his way into your heart.

He doesn’t actually print anything, just fumbles around the desk, tapping, scratching, and popping bubble wrap.

HP LaserJet M12w #ASMR unboxing video and first setup

We love an HP LaserJet M12W, and this ASMR unboxing and setup video is a joy to behold, from donning yellow rubber work gloves, to styrofoam handling, to crumpling and tossing away the instructions.

When the HP runs through its initialization cycle there’s not a dry eye in the house. Hey, how about some genuine HP toner?

ASMR SOOTHING RICOH MP C6004 Copy-Print-Staple!

Simple and to the point, this video is nearly four minutes of a Ricoh MP C6004 printing, collating and stapling.

In-your-face action and in-your-ear audio make this video a winner from start to finish.

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