Canon Error 5200 – Everything You Need To Know (Causes and Solutions)

By Rob Errera | February 23, 2022
Canon offers a range of great printers for both personal and professional use. Most of the time, they operate as expected with excellent results. However, nothing in this world is perfect all the time, and the Canon error 5200 is a common problem across various models, including the PIXMA series. Causes of the Canon Error […]
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Best Printer for Cardstock in 2022? [Top 5 Picks]

By Rob Errera | February 9, 2022
Whether you are a hobbyist or require cardstock printing for work, the ability to do it yourself without the need for professional printing services can save a lot of money. However, to successfully print on cardstock, you need to find the best printer that suits your situation. So let us take you through the options […]
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Pollution Statistics: Can We Clean Up Planet Earth?

By Rob Errera | January 23, 2022
Pollution isn’t new. We’ve been fighting against the contamination of the earth’s soil, water, and air for decades. Government regulations have helped turn the tide against some types of pollution, but fail to keep up with the new stream of pollutants contaminating our world. New toxic waste sources continue to arise. From the rising tide […]
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Printing Statistics: Printing by Numbers in 2022

By Rob Errera | January 2, 2022
A look at the latest printing statistics shows how the landscape of professional printing continues to change and evolve. The professional printing market once centered around putting text on paper, in the form of books, magazines, and newspapers. This was the precursor of the Information Superhighway when information was kept with paper and ink. Modern […]
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Surprising Print Advertising and Direct Mail Statistics 2022 [Huge Response Rate]

By Rob Errera | December 10, 2021
Sure, the world’s gone digital, but print advertising is still powerful and has longevity. Direct mail effectiveness is experiencing a new high. Response rates for direct mail are strong and direct mail conversion rates are steady. The Direct Mail Marketing Association reports direct mail response rates in 2020 hovered around 9% JWM Business Services reports the direct […]
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