How to Transfer Print To Canvas

By Rob Errera | June 30, 2021
There are several ways to transfer a printed photo to canvas. We love the look of a canvas print and photo transfers make a great gift.  We look at the simplest and most popular method to transfer photos below.  Transferring An Image To Canvas With Gel Medium This is the same method we used when transferring […]
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How To Reset an Ink Cartridge [Regardless of Brand]

By Nijat | May 27, 2021
It’s a fact jack: Sometimes ink cartridges stop working even when they’ve still got ink left inside. Worse yet, when one color quits working the entire inkjet shuts down, even if you only need black text. Arrgh! Fear not, printer warrior. We’ll show you how to handle a pesky printer ink cartridge, regardless of brand and model. […]
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Printer Cartridge Recycling – How To Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges

By Rob Errera | February 20, 2021
Cartridge Recycling Toner recycling is the latest raw material to make its way into the recycling chain. From paper to rubber, to tin — the practice of recycling materials back into their raw state originated hundreds of years, prior to The Revolutionary War.  The goal of classic recycling is to convert waste products into new products […]
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How To Clean Your Printer Rollers

By Rob Errera | January 27, 2021
Streaky prints? Time to clean your rollers! No worries, we’ll show you how to clean your printer rollers! Uh…What Are Printer Rollers? Printer rollers are the tiny rubber wheels inside your printer that move sheets of paper through the printer.  The roller that lifts the paper from the paper tray is called the paper uptake […]
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Is Your Printer Spying On You?

By Rob Errera | February 7, 2020
Is your printer spying on you?  Yes, it is. So is your mobile phone, your car, and your web browser. Machines keep records in their memory banks. Most of the time these records get destroyed when your electronic devices are trashed. However, if you’re ever involved in an investigation, your devices provide clues about how […]
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