Brother Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi: Step-By-Step Troubleshooting

By Rob Errera | November 30, 2021
WiFi printers are great, and Brother has a fantastic range of options to go wireless. However, if your Brother Printer won’t connect to WiFi, it turns what was once a convenience into a nuisance. Technology is supposed to make the world more straightforward, but when it fails, it leaves you pulling your hair out with […]
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How to Print Stickers – Everything You’ll Need To Get Started

By Rob Errera | September 15, 2021
So you want to print stickers! Good for you!  What would you like to do? Hang custom photos in your school locker? Decorate an envelope? Make your fridge the coolest fridge in town? We’ll show you how to make all kinds of stickers in a few simple steps.  Whatever the reason, learning how to print […]
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Eye-Opening Recycling Statistics [U.S. and Global]

By Rob Errera | August 20, 2021
Reduce, reuse, recycle — it’s a mantra we endorse wholeheartedly here at Cash 4 Toners, where recycling is a top priority.  But are Americans adopting the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy into their everyday lives?  Let’s take a look at recycling statistics in the United States and abroad. Recycling in the US Statements made by former […]
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How to Transfer Print To Canvas

By Rob Errera | June 30, 2021
There are several ways to transfer a printed photo to canvas. We love the look of a canvas print and photo transfers make a great gift.  We look at the simplest and most popular method to transfer photos below.  Transferring An Image To Canvas With Gel Medium This is the same method we used when transferring […]
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