Chromebook Compatible Printers: What Printers Work With Chromebook?

By Rob Errera | February 13, 2019
If you own or work on a Chromebook, you need to know the best Chromebook printers for 2022! The Best Chromebook Compatible Printers 2022 What printers are compatible with Chromebook?  Check with your printer manufacturer’s website for potential updates that allow Chromebook printing. Chrome OS printers have come a long way toward simplifying wireless printing […]
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Print Is Not Dead: Why Print Still Matters [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Rob Errera | February 10, 2019
Does print matter? Is print advertising dead? Do people still read magazines? In today’s digital world it’s easy to assume print advertising is dead. But print matters! Print advertising is still alive and working! The above assumption may have a grain of truth, but saying print advertising is completely dead is an exaggeration. We still see […]
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What To Do With A Dead Printer? Sell Your Toner & Ink For Cash!

By Rob Errera | January 30, 2019
It’s hard to understand, and even harder to talk about, but printers die, often before their time, usually in the middle of a print job. Argh! Noooo! What do you do with a dead printer? Dead As A Doornail The first thing you should do when your printer dies unexpectedly is get rid of your old […]
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How to Transfer Print to Wood: All You Need to Know

By Rob Errera | January 25, 2019
So, how to transfer print to wood? Transferring a printed image to wood has confounded artists and crafters for decades. How do you transfer a picture to wood? What is the secret to printing on wood? Is there an easy way to transfer printed images to wood? Yes! Here’s how! Pick A Method There are […]
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Who Buys Unused Toner Cartridges?

By Rob Errera | January 24, 2019
Who buys unused toner cartridges? We do! Cash4Toners is on a relentless quest to rid the world of excess and surplus toner. Why? Because there is no excess or surplus toner . . . only toner cartridges that haven’t found the right home yet! Cash4Toners will find your unused toner a new, loving home, and put cash […]
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