Who Buys Unused Toner Cartridges?

By Rob Errera | January 24, 2019
Who buys unused toner cartridges? We do! Cash4Toners is on a relentless quest to rid the world of excess and surplus toner. Why? Because there is no excess or surplus toner . . . only toner cartridges that haven’t found the right home yet! Cash4Toners will find your unused toner a new, loving home, and put cash […]
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OK GO’s ‘Obsession’ Video Not So Green After All

By Rob Errera | January 16, 2019
A few years ago, the popular band ‘OK GO’ released a new video for “Obsession” set in front of an entire wall of printers. Throughout the video, colorful printed pages spill out in sync with the song. Though visually pleasing, it left us here at Cash 4 Toners with one pressing question: “How many ink cartridges did […]
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How To Get Ink Off Skin, Hands, Clothes, and Fabric

By Rob Errera | December 28, 2018
Yuck! Printer ink on your hands…your clothes…your fabric! Noooooo! Now, how to get ink off skin and clothes? What to do!? Chill out. We can fix this. Follow the steps below to get printer ink off hands, clothes, and fabrics. The longer ink sits and soaks into your skin or clothes, the more difficult it is […]
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Toner Leak: What To Do With A Leaky Toner Cartridge

By Rob Errera | December 11, 2018
It’s a powdery, sometimes colorful, mess. Nothing cramps your printer’s style more than a leaky toner cartridge. But don’t cry over spilled toner. We’ll show you how to clean toner cartridge mess. It’s a hassle, not a tragedy. With a little time and patience you can get your printer cleaned up and running again. Let’s […]
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Printer Sound: 22 Best ASMR Printer Videos

By Rob Errera | December 7, 2018
Ah, the sweet, ethereal sounds of feeder rollers, swishy paper, and electronic bleep-blorp. Printers play a special role in all our lives, especially for fans of ASMR audio and video, who get a deep, sensual thrill from this everyday office workhorse. Here are the 22 best ASMR printer videos of all time! ASM-what? According to […]
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