What Is Toner Made Of: Toner Cartridge Contents

By Rob Errera | November 28, 2018
What’s inside that toner cartridge you’re holding? Yes, we know what to do when the printer says the toner is low. But what’s inside that toner cartridge? Toner Cartridge Contents: It’s Dust, Dude Yeah, we know it’s dust, but dust from what? The toner powder inside of cartridges is a proprietary formula specific to your brand of printer. But […]
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Printer Maintenance Tips: A Nitty Gritty Guide

By Rob Errera | November 13, 2018
Have you ever found yourself in this situation: the Chief Muckety Muck at work purchased an expensive laser copier/printer/imaging machine for the office. It works great . . .for a while. But eventually things don’t work as well as they used to. Chief Muckety Muck doesn’t care — he or she paid for a high-quality printer, but […]
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Why is My Printer Toner Not Sticking to the Paper?

By Rob Errera | October 25, 2018
Laser printers are great until they stop working right. Then, they are anything BUT great. Say you’ve got a document that is due on your bosses desk in 15 minutes. Or a proposal to be in the mail by end of the day. So you hit ‘print’ only to find ____________. Aarrgghh! Why is the […]
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Cash4Toners Frequently Asked Questions

By Rob Errera | October 23, 2018
Have a question about what products Cash4Toners buys? Take a look below at our frequently asked questions to find the answers you seek. Check out the full list of toner brands we buy on our What We Buy page. Ready to make some easy cash? Head over to our toner buy back form to get started! How can […]
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7 Common Laser Printer Problems

By Rob Errera | October 16, 2018
Laser printers are no different than any other device. Despite careful use and maintenance, the best of them will have their share of performance issues. Here are the most common laser printer problems. While our advice is usually on target, it is always a smart move to double-check. Break out the user manual or go […]
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