Best Cute Cat and Office Printer Videos Of All Time!

Cat vs Printer

We’ve compiled the best cat and printer videos of all time!

Cats are curious creatures and they have a curious relationship with office printers. Are they friend or foe?

Printers make noise and have moving parts, yet they’re not quite alive.

Most of the time they sleep, occasionally coming to life with a burst of sudden activity.

Perhaps cats recognize these feline qualities in printers, and view them as a distant relative. (Are printers futuristic cats? And what would cats do with surplus toner?)

Maybe cats see printers as another annoying man-made contraption.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, cats can’t keep away from a printing printer…and humans can’t stop filming them!

These are the best cat and printer videos of all time!

Cat Vs Printer (with the original sound)

This fluffy calico slapping around an inkjet is the Granddaddy of cat vs. printer videos, garnering well over a million views.

This one-minute clip features the original sound. Make sure you stick around for the hair-raising climax!

This video has spawned countless viral imitators and parody videos, including Cute Things Exploding – Printer Cat EXPLODING!!!

Cat vs Cat & Printer – The Translation

A striped Maine Coon sits perched atop a laser printer while a black cat lurks nearby quietly coaxing him to move.

This 50-second journey into feline cuteness is compelling with or without sound, though the English bloke’s pithy “translation” is rather amusing.

Our cat Molly and the evil printer

Like so many cats, Molly hates the printer.

She’s convinced it is possessed by evil spirits that she can claw and swat into submission.

The way this poor animal twitches in terror as the HP Deskjet chugs away is wholly adorable!

Elmo, Cat vs Printer

They say curiosity killed the cat, but exploring the mysterious workings of an Epson inkjet brings Elmo to life!

We love the way this orange tabby investigates every inch of the inkjet, probing and testing with his furry white mittens.

Cat vs. Printer

This curious tabby helps an HP Photosmart C3280 All-in-One with its document feeder, deftly pulling pages into the output tray.

With stunning green eyes and an intriguing orange and gray patchwork coat, this is one of the most gorgeous printer posing cats around!

Cat Plays with Printer

Cats love to play! Why should your office equipment be off-limits?

This brown, leopard-spotted beauty reminds us of an old-time mechanic tinkering around beneath a car hood.

Your cyan toner looks a quart low…want me to top it off while I’m in here?

My cat attacking the printer

The humans filming this giggle at the burly orange cat smacking the printer around, laughing when the paper ejects and the orange beast pounces and tears it to shreds, finally conquering its prey.

It’s so cute! Humans should be thankful they’re not made of paper.

Cute cat is scared of printer

Don’t let the title fool you. This black-and-white mask-and-mantle is conflicted.

Should it befriend the printer, fear it, or attack it?

Instead it opts for lengthy observation, patiently watching the Canon All-In-One print a five page report.

Very cool cat. Got any surplus toner for sale?

Cat Scared By Printer

This gorgeous blue steel kitten isn’t scared by this HP Deskjet; it’s annoyed the printer woke it from nap time.

Once the paper starts spewing out, this kitty looks on with sleepy-eyed wonder. Watch out for the edge of the desk!

Printer Attacks Cat

This black cat is seriously vexed by the HP All-In-One.

It swallows paper in one slot and spits it out another . . . so where does the paper shooting out of the side come from?

Ah, the Riddle of the Fax. The Mysteries Of Toner Buyback. This clever black beauty wants no part of it.

My Cat Kennedy Watches the Printer Print

Kennedy has all sorts of video adventures, most more interesting than counting surplus toner and watching the printer print.

Still, green-eyed Kennedy is a gray-striped cutie-pie, and watching Kennedy watch a printer is still more entertaining than most network sitcoms.

Cat curious about printer

This poor black-and-white cat is trying to nap (a common cat pastime) when the Canon inkjet fires up, making him all nervous and jerky.

He doesn’t like this strange machine . . . and he’s not crazy about the mouse pad either. He dreams of killing them both.

Cute cat vs the printer

This adorable gray-striped tabby desperately wants to figure out how this HP All-In-One works.

You can practically see the gears turning inside its fuzzy little head.

You also get the impression he’ll be faxing and collating by lunchtime, and selling unused toner cartridges by end of the day.

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